Casanova, seine Zeit in Solothurn um 1760 (with or without culinary delights)

Guided tours


In Zurich, Casanova became enamoured of an attractive lady from Solothurn. Intending to spend a night of passion with her, he followed the lady to Solothurn. Did they kiss, or even more? Hear the spicy details of this romantic adventure at the place where it all happened.

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Conditions / extras

The tour can also be enjoyed with a 3 or 4 course meal. Between the courses you will experience a changing spectacle and get to know three important personalities from the Ambassadors' time in Solothurn. You can enjoy the feast in the following locations:

Schloss Waldegg

Palais Besenval

La Couronne Hotel Restaurant


The costs for the meal and any room rental will be charged separately.

Extra information

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