The legendary lake "Burgäschi"

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Discover the pearl of the Wasseramt and during a round trip listen to the story and legends surrounding Lake Burgäschi. It is a natural paradise steeped in history, with a colourful past, as the region with its important cultural history has been inhabited for millennia. Since 2011, the sites around Lake Burgäschi have ranked among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Allow yourself to be inspired by the fairytale-like lake scene along the shore of the lake. Mystical legends and stories surround this mysterious site. It is rumoured that a legendary white woman appears to people who take a walk in this region. Our guide will tell you why she cannot rest in peace.

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Extra information

After the tour, you have the option of dining at Restaurant Seeblick and thus making the tour a special experience combined with delicious food.
Fondue or barbecue inclusive Aperitif (mulled wine or prosecco) for CHF 69.00 per person
Tip for the winter: Torch-lit hike around the Burgäschisee with a fondue at the Restaurant Seeblick.
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