Glitz and glory (with or without culinary delights)

Guided tours


Experience a report from the Ambassadors' time at Waldegg Castle or in Solothurn. Three personalities from the 18th century appear in stylish clothing and report on impressions and experiences of their lives. You will make the acquaintance of the Ambassador Claude Théophile de Bésiade, Marquis d'Avaray, who, depending on your mood, will tell you about life in Versailles or everyday life in Solothurn, Maria Margaretha Besenval, née von Sury, the former owner of Waldegg Castle, and the smart Peter Viktor von Besenval, Baron von Brunnstatt.

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Glitz and glory in Solothurn

Mercenaries, salt and Solothurn. The Ambassadeur himself tells us what this has to do with each other and talks about it from the bottom of his heart. He tells about the court life of the French kings and about the connections between Solothurn and Versailles.

Get to know Maria Margaretha Besenval, née von Sury. The former mistress of Waldeggs Castle knows a lot about the customs of the time and the role of women at that time.

Meet Peter Viktor von Besenval Baron von Brunnstatt. A brilliant mind, writer, art collector, lover of women, officer and lover of Marie-Antoinette, wife of King Louis XVI, the bachelor has retained his fame in France to this day.


The tour can also be enjoyed with a 3 or 4 course meal. Between the courses you will experience a changing spectacle and get to know three important personalities from the Ambassadors' time in Solothurn. You can enjoy the feast in the following locations:

Schloss Waldegg

Palais Besenval

La Couronne Hotel Restaurant


The costs for the meal and any room rental will be charged separately.