Lädeli und Stadtgeschichten

Guided tours


The variety of large shops and small "Bijous" in Solothurn's old town is huge. On the guided tour you will hear exciting stories about Solothurn's historical trade and visit four wonderful boutiques. Listen to what the shopkeepers have to say today. The shopping experience in Solothurn's old town will convince you.

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Extra information

  • Round off your tour with a meal in one of Solothurn's many restaurants 
  • Are you planning a company excursion and require accommodation, premises or a framework programme? Solothurn Services will be glad to assist you.


The following shops will be visited on the tour:

  • Flores Blumenbinderei
  • Lila - schöne Dinge
  • Kerzenjeger
  • Chuchilade
  • Messerschmiede
  • Liebesgeschichten - der Laden mit Herz
  • Vom Fass
  • Prepletanja Concept Store