Solothurner Heldinnen und Helden

Guided tours


Learn more about Solothurn's heroines and heroes on a tour. You will not only listen to the heroic anecdotes, but also slip into the role of an important figure in Solothurn's history. They take a closer look at the careers of six exciting personalities who could not be more different. Starting with Anna Riche - the first Solothurn woman to be mentioned in the history books. She lived in the 13th century and belonged to the knightly nobility. Through donations and as co-founder of the Franciscan monastery, she played a decisive role in the development of the city. If you stroll through the alleys of Solothurn with your eyes open, you will find evidence of Kunigunde von Spiegelberg. But what did the richest heiress far and wide have to do with ironworks and why did her first planned wedding cause a sensation? From a trained organ and piano builder, to a Swiss guardsman, to a celebrated painter - the globetrotter Frank Buchser had a turbulent life. His works hang in many a Swiss art gallery today, but who would have thought that his political interest would lead to a bloody dispute? Art was also of great importance to Gertrud Dübi-Müller. Early on, the photographer had an eye for masterpieces. Together with her husband, she founded the Dübi-Müller Foundation and thus ensured that works by national and international greats, such as van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, can now be admired in the Solothurn Art Museum. Whoever hears "Bill" de Vigier probably immediately thinks of scaffolding. But his worldwide success was by no means pre-programmed. He was actually supposed to follow in the footsteps of his father, who practiced law. How did "Bill" de Vigier nevertheless manage to become a top entrepreneur, and what role did his notary play in the process? The last figure is probably more an institution with a great tradition. FC Solothurn is one of the oldest football clubs in Switzerland. In its long history, the club never quite made it to the top, but it laid the foundation for Swiss football with an idea and was showered with awards for it. The selected personalities still leave clear traces in social life as well as in the cityscape. You will hear all this and much more during the guided tour through glorious times from the Middle Ages to the present day. 

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