Guided museum tour


There are various museums in Solothurn and the surrounding area that our guides will be happy to introduce you to.

The Blumenstein Museum gives you a multifaceted insight into the domestic culture of the Ancien Régime.

Thanks to generous donations, the art museum has one of the most beautiful and valuable art collections in Switzerland, specialising in 19th and 20th century Swiss art.

Waldegg Castle, with its richly decorated rooms, paintings and furniture from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, illustrates the upper middle-class life in the French style that was cultivated in Solothurn.

The Old Armoury was built between 1609 and 1614 and served as a weapons and armoury for the burghers and the mercenary trade until 1798. A large part of today's collection dates from this period, including the internationally renowned armour collection with around 400 suits of armour.

The Solothurn Nature Museum is known as an attractive museum for its accessible exhibitions on animals, plants, fossils and minerals from the region.

Art Museum
Blumenstein Museum
Old Armoury Museum
Stone Museum
Nature Museum
Waldegg Castle
Cabinet for sentimental trivial literature


Old Armoury
- During opening hours: 1 hour CHF 190.00 
- The entrance fee of CHF 6.00 per person (CHF 4.00 per person for groups of 11 persons or more) must be paid directly at the museum.

Blumenstein Historical Museum
- During opening hours: 1 hour CHF 190.00 
- Staff presence outside opening hours will be charged separately.

Waldegg Castle
- 1 hour without garden CHF 190.00
- 1.5 hours with garden CHF 210.00 
- Admission during opening hours CHF 6.00, outside opening hours CHF 10.00

Other museums on request
Prices per group up to 25 people

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Most museums are within 5 - 10 minutes walking distance of the city centre

Solothurn Services will be happy to organise transport for you.