Barkenhafen, 2560 Nidau

Enjoy the superb countryside and get to know the region from the water.

Together with my family, I experienced a fascinating voyage by canoe along the Aare through the Swiss Mittelland. Away from the hectic pace of everyday life, we paddled comfortably along on the abundant waters of the river, taking time to admire the impressive natural scenery and the cultural features. You can travel for several days at once or pick out single stages; either way, you are sure to enjoy the beauty of nature and the cultural attractions along the way. Although the Mittelland region is densely populated, there is plenty of seclusion and peace to be found here.

Globepaddler AG offers guided tours.

Aare-Jura-Touring only rents canoes without a guide.

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Kanucenter Bielersee
2560 Nidau

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