Justice Fountain

The fountain shows "Justice" blindfolded with a judgment sword in her right hand and a pair of scales in her left.

It is a very impressive fountain, located close to the Roman core of Solothurn. The column, capital and figure were created by the well-known sculptor Laurent Perroud from Grissach (now Cressier NE) in 1561. The large, elegant monolith basin, dating from 1789, was designed after a drawing by Paolo Antonio Pisoni. Attached to the large basin is a Sudel basin.

For the representation of justice, Perroud took his cue from the fountain figure of the same name in Bern, which is about 20 years older. Justice is symbolised by a woman, Madame Justitia. She is blindfolded and carries a sword in her right hand and a pair of scales in her left. Four half-figures are grouped at her feet. Who is depicted? They are the representatives of the spiritual and secular power in East and West at that time: the German Emperor, depicted with crown and sceptre; the Pope, who has put on the tiara, and the Turkish Sultan, who presents himself with moustache and scimitar. Part of this highly illustrious group - but probably not quite meant as an equal - is the Solothurn Schultheiss, depicted with a golden necklace. There is also a touch of irony in the way Perroud has the Pope put his arm on the Sultan's shoulder in an almost friendly manner. Yet popes and sultans were in reality anything but close friends.

Also worthy of note are the painted and fluted fountain column and the two water pipes decorated with dolphin figures.

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  • The 11 fountains and their history can also be discovered during an individual tour of Solothurn's old town.