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Marroni Strazzini

Hauptgasse 46, 4500 Solothurn

It is simply part of the Solothurn cityscape: The brown-green chestnut cottage in front of the St. Ursen fountain on the "Märetplatz". The Strazzini family has been selling their fine chestnuts there for over 180 years.

The success story began with Carlo Scheggia from Semione in Bleniota. Whenever autumn arrived in Solothurn, he came to Solothurn as a chestnut roaster. In 1871 his son-in-law Giovanni Gianora took over the business. He is also the reason for a nickname that is still established today. Because of his strong body, round face and bull's neck, the tall Ticinese was soon known and loved by everyone only as "Cheschtelemuni" (chestnut bull). Since then, other family members have followed in his footsteps, but the honorary title "Cheschtelemuni" has remained until today.
Just like the excellent quality. Chestnuts have always been purchased from Italy. More precisely, mainly from Tuscany, Piedmont and Campagna. At the Strazzini family only the best is put into the iron pan. Is that what makes for the excellent taste? Or is it also the roasting on the charcoal? Unlike most of their competitors, they continue to rely on coal instead of the cheaper gas. The chestnuts are also cut by hand, not by machine. That way they roast more beautifully.
So roasting marroni is a supreme discipline that is perfected in the old town of Solothurn. Under ideal conditions, sixty to ninety kilos of marroni are sold every day. That is up to seven tons a year. Always in the middle of it all is the little house made of oak wood, which thanks to a prank by the Honolulu carnival guild is now even a listed building. The guild decided that the cottage needed a renovation. Without further ado, they painted it pig-red, only to repaint it "muni-friendly" after a moment of shock and to rededicate it in the presence of the curator of monuments.
Those who can already feel the chestnut scent in their nose should treat themselves to a brown paper bag with fine marroni from the Strazzini family. A unique taste experience awaits you that is known far beyond the city limits.


Strazzini Marroni
Hauptgasse 46
4500 Solothurn

Phone 031 311 02 44