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Museum of sentimental literary trivia

Klosterplatz 7, 4500 Solothurn

A museum devoted to women's literature through to the mid-20th century.

We visited the museum of sentimental literary trivia. The Kabinett, as it is known, is half library and half museum. "Literary trivia" consists of kitsch and art, women's literature and other prized items. The purpose of sentimental literary trivia is to bring high literary art down to the level of everyday culture. It offers insights into the life and the emotional sphere of days gone by. Novels and popular texts of yesteryear show that the world of women was amazingly complex and stratified - an intriguing subject.

Category Price
Public guided tours on the 7th of the month CHF 10.00
Guided tours for groups of up to 10 persons CHF 50.00 + CHF 5.00 pro Person
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Kabinett für sentimentale Trivialliteratur
Klosterplatz 7
4500 Solothurn