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Museum of sentimental literary trivia

Klosterplatz 7, 4500 Solothurn

A museum of women’s literature dating from the French Revolution through to the mid-20th century.

The museum of sentimental literary trivia in Solothurn is part library, part museum, exhibiting a mix of kitsch and art, women’s literature and other valuable items. Sentimental literary trivia serves as a bridge between intellectual literature and popular culture. It gives an insight into the lives and emotions of times gone by. Novels and popular texts from centuries past reveal a complex and multifaceted female world – a fascinating topic.

Opening hours
If you wish to visit the museum, you can arrange an individual appointment or attend the monthly guided tour. Guided tours focusing on a particular topic take place on the 7th of every month from 7–8 pm.

Guided tours
Individual tours can be booked by arrangement.

Tours for groups of up to 10 people:

  • Base fee: CHF 50
  • Per person: CHF 5

The exhibition information is provided in German.

Good to know
Readings or lectures can be held at the museum by arrangement.

Category Price
Public guided tours on the 7th of the month CHF 10.00
Guided tours for groups of up to 10 persons CHF 50.00 + CHF 5.00 pro Person
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Kabinett für sentimentale Trivialliteratur
Klosterplatz 7
4500 Solothurn