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River cruise at the Aare

Badhausstrasse 1a, 2501 Biel/Bienne

Solothurn – Biel; Switzerland's loveliest river trip

The voyage along the Aare between Solothurn and Biel ranks as the loveliest river trip in Switzerland. The BSG Lake Biel Navigation Company (Bielersee-Schifffahrtsgesellschaft) invites you to experience the region from its waterways. Visits to historic little towns, excursions along the riverbank or simply enjoying the river itself – we were inspired and totally convinced! The nature conservation zone with splendid views of the Jura chain, and cruising past the little towns and villages, make for a special experience. Of course, the vessel's crew spoilt us with culinary delights. Options include a small or large breakfast, a delicious luncheon menu or simply a piece of cake and a cup of coffee in the afternoon.


  • The General Abonnement (GA) and the Half-Fare Card (Halbtax) are valid, on sale at all SBB counters, at Aare Seeland mobil in Solothurn, or directly on board.
  • Vouchers can be obtained for breakfast, specific amounts of money or trips
  • All information about departure times, menus and special offers is available on the internet.

Special offer

Good to know

  • The timetable is adjusted until further notice. At the moment there are no trips on Monday and Wednesday evening.
  • Are you planning a company excursion, and do you need accommodation, premises or a framework programme?
Price Category Price Route
Adulte CHF 61.00 Solothurn - Biel
1/2 Abo, child, dog, student up to 16 years CHF 30.50 Solothurn - Biel
Adulte CHF 122.00 Solothurn - Biel - Solothurn
1/2 Abo, child, dog, student up to 16 years CHF 61.00 Solothurn - Biel - Solothurn
Adulte CHF 23.80 Solothurn - Altreu
1/2 Abo, child, dog, student up to 16 years CHF 11.90 Solothurn - Altreu
Adulte CHF 47.60 Solothurn - Altreu - Solothurn
1/2 Abo, child, dog, student up to 16 years CHF 23.80 Solothurn - Altreu - Solothurn

Price changes are possible.

The General Abonnement (GA), the Half-Fare Card (Halbtax), the Junior Travelcard and Children’s Co-Travelcard and the community 1-day-travelpass are available.

Further information about the price can be found here


Bielersee Schifffahrtsgesellschaft
Badhausstrasse 1a
2501 Biel/Bienne

Phone +41 32 329 88 11
Fax +41 32 322 33 25