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Scavenger Hunt and Chocolate Fondue

Hauptgasse 69, 4500 Solothurn

Enjoy the treasure hunt and a great chocolate Fondue!

What a great idea – a treasure hunt in winter. The faces of the kids are lit up. At each stage they discover a clue which helps them to solve the mystery. Once they’ve finally finished, they hand over the answer to the host… surprise! The host hands over a small gift and the children are thrilled. Once we’ve sat down at the table, we enjoy a small chocolate fondue which warms us all up again. But now we need to set off again quickly before it gets dark… what a lovely experience.

Welcome to the treasure hunt on Weissenstein! Just follow the path and solve the riddles. The game is available in French or German from tuesday to sunday.
Notify the host of the relevant mountain restaurant of your arrival (reservation required) and the treasure hunt on your selected route can begin! Upon your arrival at the mountain guest house, a chocolate fondue and a small gift will be waiting for you!

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Par Person CHF 12.00
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Hauptgasse 69
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