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Seilbahn Weissenstein AG

Bahnhof Oberdorf, 4515 Oberdorf

Take the panoramic cable car up the Weissenstein.

A trip to the Weissenstein promises an unforgettable experience in any season. The new cable car will transport you to the top of Solothurn’s local mountain in just ten minutes. During the ride in the panoramic cable car, you are treated to unique views of the Swiss Central Plateau and the Alps – an experience for the whole family from Oberdorf (Canton Solothurn) up to 1,280 metres above sea level. Once at the top, you can look forward to a stunning Alpine panorama all the way from Säntis to Mont Blanc. Another highlight is the planet trail, which shares the story of the universe and is very popular with casual hikers. The Jura garden is a real treat and is home to around 200 different plant species. Delicious local produce awaits visitors in the mountain restaurants.

Good to know

  • Oberdorf valley station is easily accessible by public transport (hourly train connections from Moutier and Solothurn are guaranteed. A bus service also runs between Solothurn and Oberdorf. It is around a 20-minute walk from the bus stop to Oberdorf valley station)
  • Breathtaking panoramic views from Säntis to Mont Blanc
  • Tickets for the Weissenstein cable car are available from Region Solothurn Tourism
  • Sledging on the Weissenstein
  • No traffic is allowed on the pass between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Sundays and public holidays

Restaurants on the Weissenstein

Categories Price
Adults Return journey CHF 28.00
Adults Single journey CHF 18.00
Halbtax, GA, child 6 - 16, AVS- & IV, Militär retour CHF 14.00
Halbtax, GA, child 6 - 16, AVS- & IV, Militär single CHF 9.00


Seilbahn Weissenstein AG
Bahnhof Oberdorf
4515 Oberdorf

Phone +41 32 622 18 27
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