St. Urbangass fountain

This fountain was placed here in 1792 according to a sketch by Paolo Antonio Pisoni. It has a monolith trough. This means a trough made of a single block of stone. Dragon heads as pipes and a vase decorate the column. Next to it is a washing or brewing trough.

In the 17th century, the small side troughs came into existence and henceforth, "no wöschen, meat, tripe, cabbage and green cabbage or other things were allowed to be washed in the main wells." Look at the little plaque on the column. It says: "This fountain was christened the St. Urbangasse fountain on the occasion of the anniversary of the 33rd St. Urbanleist by the godfather Mr. Stadtammann Dr. Urs Scheidegger, National Councillor. Solothurn, June 19, 1988.

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Good to know

  • The 11 fountains and their history can also be discovered during an individual tour of Solothurn's old town.