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Stroll through a celebration of benches

Brunngrabenstrasse 2, 4500 Solothurn

Celebration of benches in the Weststadt neighbourhood” art project

Several art projects by the Weststadt Neighbourhood Association have already injected colour, energy and new opportunities to socialise into the neighbourhood. The “Celebration of benches” project features nine benches that were each individually designed by three Weststadt artists. There are many multicultural influences to observe and motivate you to take a pleasant and colourful walk.

Location of the benches

  • Platanenallee
  • Buchenstrasse
  • Spielplatz Tannenweg
  • Ahornweg
  • Hartmannweg
  • Allmendstrasse
  • Eichenweg
  • Segetzstrasse
  • Brunngrabenstrasse/Guggershofstrasse

Good to know
To fund this project, the Neighbourhood Association made use of the money awarded with the Recognition Prize from the 2012 Solothurn Social Prize. The flyer also contains a map with the location of the benches clearly marked.

Free entrance.


Spaziergang im Bankenparadies
Brunngrabenstrasse 2
4500 Solothurn