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Witi Information Centre

Eichackerweg 10, 2545 Selzach

Altreu is known as Europe's village of storks

Even today, the storks really do perch in their nests on the high roofs of the farmhouses in Altreu. Since 1948, the Altreu stork colony has endeavoured to ensure the wellbeing of the stork. This was our chance to observe the storks. During our family excursion last summer, we visited the information centre; we even took a guided tour so as to learn more about these creatures. Protected nature and plentiful fauna – we were inspired.


  • On foot
    The information centre can be reached on foot from Solothurn in about 1.5 hours.
  • By rail or bus
    Take the railway or the bus to Selzach station. You can then walk to the centre in 15 minutes.
  • By boat
    Altreu can also be reached by boat from Solothurn or Biel.
  • By cycle
    National SwitzerlandMobile routes nos. 5 and 8 pass by Altreu.
  • By car
    Altreu can be reached from Solothurn in about 20 minutes. There is only a limited number of parking spaces available.
  • Guided tours
    Possible on application. Duration: 1 hour; cost: CHF 100.00. Payment in cash

Good to know
Combined excursion by boat and a guided tour

Current events
On 17 May 2020 the Open Nature Centre Day and the Nature Festival will take place.
"Hello, I am the stork, come and see how I live. Come see me live!"
Visitors can learn more about the stork's habitat during a half-hour free guided tour at the "Witi" information centre.

Free entrance.
General information family-friendly, suitable bad weather


Infozentrum Witi
Eichackerweg 10
2545 Selzach

Phone +41 32 623 51 51