RBS Bern–Solothurn Hiking Trail

"The RBS Hiking Trail was opened in 1991 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Solothurn–Bern railway connection. Since then, it has enjoyed great popularity and offers many impressive sights along the way.

While you are walking, you can always decide whether you want to divide the route into smaller sections or hike all day long. The RBS Hiking Trail takes you through a well-connected and attractive area with paths that are already marked out by the Bern and Solothurn hiking trail network. The recommended trail sections are well marked and start in Bern at the Guisanplatz tram and bus station as well as at an RBS railway station, and they are easy to reach with public transport."

Gabriela, RBS

Stage 1: Bern Guisanplatz - Zollikofen
The hike leading to Zollikofen starts at the Guisanplatz tram station on the outskirts of Bern. The well-marked trail connects different forested areas and there is also a small hill to climb on this section called “Schlupf”. It is around 630 m.a.s.l. and lies between the round-topped Manneberg hill and the furrowed Grauholz range of hills. Bern’s suburban S-Bahn trains operate from the Zollikofen railway station, making it an ideal final destination.

Walking time: 2 hours

Stage 2: Zollikofen - Jegenstorf
Beginning and ending in the forest, with open fields in the middle and an attractive lake at the lowest point is a short and succinct description of this section. Starting at the Hofwil bei Münchenbuchsee secondary school, you will cross the golf course in the direction of the Kleiner Moossee nature conservation area. You then come to Jegenstorf, a lively regional centre with new housing estates and a pretty castle right next to the RBS railway station.

Walking time: 1 hour, 50 minutes

Stage 3: Jegenstorf - Bätterkinden
The section between the Jegenstorf and Bätterkinden RBS stations is relatively flat but always entertaining. Grafenried and Büren zum Hof are also served by trains of the narrow-gauge railway, so they provide many possibilities for connecting walking tours with a train ride. On the right-hand side there are the once-swampy plains of the Fraubrunnenmoos, and behind lies the tree-lined River Emme, which flows against the River Aare. On the northern horizon in front of us, the sharp outline of the Jura mountain chain rises higher and higher over Solothurn, and the chalk cliffs gleam brightly in the sun.

Walking time: 2 hours, 50 minutes

Stage 4: Bätterkinden - Soleure
The lower course of the River Emme serves as a guiding line for the first part of this section. Since the river tended to surge dangerously over its banks after storms, two dams were constructed here to contain it. The hiking trail now follows one of those dams almost due north. Close to the River Emme, Schloss Landshut – the Swiss Museum for Wildlife and Hunting housed in a castle – appears on the right, while on the left, Schloss Buchegg (a listed building) can be seen on a hill in the distance. Just a short while later, industrial buildings dominate the landscape. Their location on the River Emme is no coincidence: the river provides energy and service water for paper, metal and textile manufacturing. Just before Biberist, our route crosses the cantonal border between Bern and Solothurn.  After passing through the Oberwald, your destination – Solothurn and its Old Town – comes into view on the other side of the River Aare.

Walking time: 2 hours, 50 minutes

General information

  • Tickets can be purchased from the automated ticket machines at any RBS railway station. The GA travelcard is valid.
    Bicycles are permitted on trains.

You can find more information at all serviced RBS railway stations:

Highlights along the way

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