Rental boats Solaare/Solino

"I spent a terrific afternoon with four friends on the River Aare with our “Solino” rental boat. The small motorboat was the perfect way to spend the hot summer day. We motored up and down the river at our own speed and enjoyed the views of the Old Town and Solothurn’s landscape passing by."


Rental for two hours: CHF 100.00
Each additional hour: CHF 40.00
Rental for the entire day: CHF 300.00

Minimum age for boat operators
16 years

Good to know

  • No driver’s license is required for the rental of this boat.
  • A maximum of five passengers are permitted on the boat.

Location and rental
TCS Camping Hafen Solothurn
Glutzenhofstrasse 5
4500 Solothurn
T. +41 (0)32 621 89 35

Rental boats Solaare/Solino

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