The question is not only what makes Solothurn special, but also who sets the tone in Switzerland's most beautiful baroque town. We call these Solothurn ambassadors. They love Solothurn and work or spend their leisure time here. And they are well-known personalities who carry Solothurn out into the world. 

Botschafterin Claudia Sollberger Altstadt

Ambassador Solothurn’s old town

Claudia Sollberger

Solothurn's old town couldn't be more impressive. Strolling through the city, meeting cheerful people, forgetting time in the bookshop, drinking a café - that's quality of life.

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Stadtführer Ernst Wettstein

Ambassador Guided tours

Ernst Wettstein

Looking behind the scenes, going off the beaten tourist track and experiencing historical indiscretions? On the amusing and professional city tours, gaps in knowledge are closed.

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Botschafterin Martina Strähl

Ambassador Hiking in Solothurn

Martina Strähl

Hiking and Solothurn are trendy: wonderful paths, great routes and varied mountains. The old-fashioned hiking image is over, but the pleasure in the unforgettably beautiful nature has remained.

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Botschafterin Michelle Ryser

Ambassador the Weissenstein

Michelle Ryser

Overview, outlook or farsightedness: Whoever stands on Solothurn's local mountain not only has a view of the Alps, but can also enjoy in style or hike instructively - the Weissenstein is a multi-talent.

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Ambassador cycling

Nathalie Schneitter

Cycling in and around Solothurn is a thrilling experience: enchanting paths along the Aare or Emme, challenging terrain on the Jura heights and impressive routes through authentic farming villages.

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Pipo Kofmehl

Ambassador art and culture

Pipo Kofmehl

Solothurn - a cultural city with an incredibly large and varied cultural offer. Sometimes it sets the tone, sometimes it directs. Solothurn is a small town that can do great things.

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Botschafter Romano Mombelli

Ambassador Water fun

Romano Mombelli

Solothurn is washed with all waters: On the Aare, in the Aare or on the Aare. With restaurants directly on the water and the legendary river navigation, Solothurn is Mediterranean in summer.

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Botschafter Simu Fakhauser

Ambassador Exploring Solothurn with kids

Simu Fankhauser

Solothurn makes families happy: knight's armour in old walls, nature to touch and an old town full of mysteries: Beautiful when children find museums great, nature fascinating and a city exciting. 

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Botschafter Stephan Keller

Ambassador Discovering Solothurn

Stefan Keller

A formative history, good culture and sustainable enjoyment - Solothurn serves all genres. The baroque city is compact, culturally cosmopolitan and culinary.

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Botschafter Thomas Mühlethaler

Ambassador Holidays in the Solothurn region

Thomas Mühlethaler

Solothurn presents itself from its most beautiful side: be it the Jura meadows, the Aare or the castles - the region is extremely exciting and invites you to hike, sail, bike and marvel. 

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