Church of the Holy Spirit

Berntorstrasse 2, 4500 Solothurn

The Church of the Holy Spirit in the suburbs of Solothurn is part of a former hospital that was founded as far back as 1296.

The Church of the Holy Spirit was built between 1736 and 1742 according to a design by the French architect Josef Abeille. It replaced a previous church building approved by Pope Martin V in 1418, which was damaged by a fire in 1734. The church is an architecturally independent part of Solothurn’s Old Hospital. Inside the church are three impressive blue-coloured Régence altars by Urs Josef Füeg. The image of Jesus on his journey to the cross by Hans Tussmann, dating from 1461, and the votive image of the catastrophic flooding of the Aare from 1651 are further highlights.


The Church of the Holy Spirit can be hired for services from the Roman Catholic Church.


Spitalkirche zum heiligen Geist
Berntorstrasse 2
4500 Solothurn