Swiss urban feeling

The area with industrial character

Attisholz Areal

Big city vibes for all, right on the banks of the Aare river. Switzerland’s biggest industrial wasteland has been brought back to life – now boasting open-air concerts, colourful art on the walls and culinary treats on every plate. 


From the factory zone to the urban meeting place. Cellulose was produced industrially on the Attisholz site for 130 years. Since the end of 2016, Halter AG has been working together with the municipality and the canton to make the site with its exceptional location characteristics suitable for future generations.

The impressive appearance of the industrial plant, due to the size and weight of the buildings, is to be preserved and transferred to the future, as it testifies to an important, albeit past, epoch.

New users have already moved in and more will follow. Over the next twenty to thirty years, a lively quarter will gradually emerge, a natural coexistence of living, working, education, research - living, experiencing and enjoying in an attractive recreational area on the Aare.


Kulturzentrum Riedholz

Attisholz Areal



Spielplatz Attisholz



1881 Kantine Attisholz, aussen, Solothurn Tourismus Emmenpark

Restaurant Luterbach

1881 Kantine

Kantine Attisholz Bankett 2 Gabi Pavanello

Restaurant Riedholz

Kantine Attisholz

Chiquita Bar Attisholz Ausen von oben Chiquita Bar

Bar Riedholz

La Chiquita


Events in the Attisholz Areal