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Post Bus

Niederwilstrasse 4, 4525 Balm b. Günsberg

Discovering the first chain of the Jura by post bus.

Travelling by post bus – combining tradition with comfort. The post bus company Mario Flury presents suitable offers for groups and additional trips. It also offers the right transport options for those who are travelling alone or with their family. The post bus company provides public transport services for the regions of Leberberg and Solothurn. The bus travels from Solothurn train station to the Balmberg and as a cable car substitute on Wednesdays, weekends and public holidays from Oberdorf/SO train station to the Weissenstein.

Good to know

  • The Weissenstein is accessible by post bus from Oberdorf
  • The post bus can also be rented exclusively for group tours.
  • The post bus to the Balmberg goes daily and all-year-round.


  • Planet route
  • Downhill route
  • Jura garden

Restaurants on the Weissenstein


  • The Balmberg ski resort is located on the first Jura mountain range near Solothurn. State-of-the-art slopes offer loads of fun for beginners and experts. Skiing by night on the illumined Kählepiste is an amazing experience.
  • Winter sports school
  • Balmberg high ropes park


Mario Flury
Niederwilstrasse 4
4525 Balm b. Günsberg

Phone +41 32 637 01 82