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Riedholz Redoubt

Riedholzplatz, 4500 Solothurn

Relax on a historic redoubt.

The Riedholz redoubt offers visitors a somewhat ‘elevated’ and breathtaking view of the area. In early summer, the scent of blooming lime trees and the sound of buzzing bees fill the air. Treat yourself to a little time out from your day.

In 1667, Solothurn began building a redoubt fortification system, beginning with the Riedholz Redoubt. The fortifications were built in response to the many wars of the 17th century. It is noteworthy that Solothurn built a complete set of fortifications with a bastion system, something that was otherwise done only in large cities such as Zurich and Geneva. The enormous construction was surrounded by a trench that was 30–50 m wide and 5 m deep. Without ever having been used to defend the city, the redoubts were deconstructed between 1835 and 1905 for economic, urban planning and transport reasons. The St. Ursus Bastion with the Riedholz Tower and the Krummturm Redoubt with the tower of the same name were preserved as valuable reminders of the original arrangement of redoubts.

Guided tour
The city’s towers, gates and fortifications can be seen from a distance. They come in various shapes and sizes: round, semi-circular, square and crooked. You can walk along the city walls to reach the various towers, or climb the steps and view the city’s landmarks from up high.

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Hire for events
The rustic Riedholz Tower can be hired during the summer months (April to October). The location has space for a maximum of 100 people.

Good to know
Once a year, the trench around the redoubt is transformed into a ‘dirt jump’ for pro bikers. The Solothurn Bike Days take place every May.

Free entrance.


4500 Solothurn