Büren an der Aare

Want to discover even more urban history? Then a visit to the historic little town of Büren an der Aare is sure to be a highlight of your trip – you can also travel there via a regular boat service from Solothurn. Learn about the eventful history of the long-established wooden bridge over the Aare river and find out why a pilgrimage church caused a stir in the Late Middle Ages. 


Old town Büren an der Aare

Büren an der Aare


Watercraft Biel/Bienne

River cruise at the Aare

Il Grano Restaurant Büren an der Aare

Gourmet restaurant Region Solothurn

Il Grano

Hotel Buren an der Aare

Wolke 4 Guesthouse

Elisabeth Werro Kanu_1 ©Kanucenter

Boat rental Nidau

Kanucenter Bielersee


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