2 hours in Solothurn

Just two hours to spare? What do you feel like doing today? We’re happy to help you decide. Explore the different categories below for inspiration in planning today’s activities.

2h in Solothurn
Naturmuseum Solothurn Aussen 1 Silvan Thuering

Children’s & family museum Solothurn

Natural History Museum


History museum Solothurn

Old Arsenal Museum


Nature house Selzach

Witi Information Centre

Kürbis_Erlebniswelt_ Weyeneth_Labyrinth_3_Kürbis_Erlebniswelt_Weyeneth

Experience provider Lüterkofen

Lüterkofen adventure farm


Nature house Solothurn

Voliere Solothurn

Grenchen_Flugplatz_Solothurn Tourismus

Airport Grenchen

Airport Grenchen