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\nSolothurn Crime Trail: Gold statues stolen from the cathedral treasury<\/strong>
The room in which the cathedral treasury of St. Ursen Cathedral is housed was broken into. The sacred containers (they are also called arca) with the golden head statues of Ursus and Victor, the two patron saints of the city, were stolen.<\/p>\n

According to legend, Ursus and Victor were killed by the Romans around the year 300 AD because they did not want to worship the Roman gods but, as Christians, believed in only one God. The two patron saints are said to have been buried at the site of today's St. Ursus Cathedral, where Christians met secretly at that time.<\/p>\n

The break-in must have taken place in the afternoon between 3 and 4 pm. Before and after that, Verena Schneider had a guided tour of the cathedral treasury with guests. The theft was discovered by Verena during the second guided tour at 4.30 pm. Verena Schneider was at Solothurn Tourism between the tours because she was planning an event and needed assistance.<\/p>\n

As there are no signs of burglary on the door to the cathedral treasury, the police assume that the perpetrator must either have had a key himself or be a professional lock-picker.<\/p>\n