Lake Burgäschi

Burgäschisee,  4556 Burgäschi
Open 24 hours


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Car: Burg\u00e4schisee can be reached from Solothurn in 20 minutes.<\/p>\n

By bike: From Solothurn, the Schweizmobil route \"Wasser\u00e4mter Route Nr. 802<\/a>\" leads directly to the lake.This hike leads from Solothurn through the Wasseramt, which is characterised by agriculture and water management, to the popular Burg\u00e4schisee, which even invites you to swim in summer.<\/p>\n

On foot: \"Quer durchs Wasseramt<\/a>\" (Across the Wasseramt) - This hike leads from Solothurn through the Wasseramt, which is characterised by agriculture and water management, to the popular Burg\u00e4schisee, which is even a good place to swim in summer.<\/p>\n


As a large part of the area is protected, swimming is only permitted in the lido<\/a> or at the public bathing area. A diving tower, raft, beach volleyball court and a meadow provide a bathing atmosphere. If you want to enjoy the lake to the full but don't want to get wet, you can hire a rowing boat.<\/p>\n

Unauthorised water activities<\/strong><\/p>\n

Since most of Burg\u00e4schisee is a protected area, canoeing, rubber dinghy rides and stand-up paddling are not permitted.<\/p>\n


The sixth Solothurn Forest Hike<\/a> leads through the Wasseramt, following in the footsteps of the glaciers.<\/p>\n

If you wish, you can follow the \"Kraftort-Weg\" from Burg\u00e4schisee to impressive places that are considered to be places of power, such as the Steinhof Lady Chapel, the late Gothic Martin's Church in Seeberg and the \"Grosse Flue\", the third largest erratic boulder in Switzerland.<\/p>\n


Whether on the spacious outdoor lounge or in the rustic parlour - the \"Seeblick<\/a>\" restaurant serves fresh and seasonal regional dishes. The restaurant convinces with an attractive price-performance ratio. Whether homemade pasta, a forest mushroom p\u00e2t\u00e9 or the house speciality fish: there is something for every gourmet here.<\/p>\n

Legendary Burg\u00e4schisee<\/strong><\/p>\n

The history of Burg\u00e4schisee in Aeschi near Herzogenbuchsee is eventful: as early as 6,000 years ago, pile dwellers<\/a> settled on the shores of the moor lake. In the 12th century, the Lords of Aeschi built a castle, but it was completely destroyed in a battle 200 years later. The only thing that still reminds us of the medieval times of knights, lords of castles and minstrels is the name of the village. The sites where evidence of the lake's turbulent past has been found have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011. In cooperation with the Solothurn Museum of Nature<\/a>, an instructive and extremely worthwhile route has been created: Information boards along the shore convey all kinds of interesting facts about the history, nature and culture surrounding the historic site. In its exhibition, the P\u00e4chterhaus Solothurn<\/a> presents archaeological finds from the region that date back to prehistory and early history. The local recreation area near Burg\u00e4schisee is considered by many to be a place of power and is characterised by fairytale sagas and mystical legends. On the guided tour \"Legendary Burg\u00e4schisee\" by Solothurn Tourism along the lakeside paths, interested visitors can learn all about the many stories and mysterious traditions.<\/p>\n

Burg\u00e4schisee barbecue sites<\/strong><\/p>\n

Fireplace Gruebe<\/strong>
(Burg\u00e4schisee South - on Bernese soil)<\/p>\n